​Public figures, including the President, have only condemned the events that took place yesterday (Jan 20) at the Langata Primary School. The land row, which has brought government offices concerned with land allocation to shame, saw a battle between police officers and young children. A police officer was hit with a stone and several children were rushed to hospital with minor injuries.

Ciku Muiruri, a top radio personality in the country shared her sentiments on the same in a Facebook post.

“As a parent, I’m horrified by these pictures that I’m seeing. And I’m afraid that there is plenty of blame to pass around. Let me start with the biggest culprits – The police: Shame on you! What demons have possessed you? Even if you were given an order to use tear gas and you saw children in the crowd, are you robots who cannot think for yourselves? Heads must surely roll! Secondly, Langata Road Primary school – I’m sorry but what were you thinking??? Yes, ‪#‎OccupyPlayGround‬ activists can happily use kids to grab headlines but surely, as a school, you cannot knowingly put children in harms way. I have to sign a consent form for everything under the sun when it comes to my child and school activities. Tell me, did all the parents of these children agree to this demonstration? Because I tell you, if they did not sign a consent form, you will be slapped with so many lawsuits, your heads will spin. Oh, the poor babies…”