Radio Africa

Radio Africa group, owners of the stations, Classic 105, Kiss 100 and Radio Jambo has amassed well over 45 per cent of the listenership of radio.

To put that into context, there are 45 radio stations in Nairobi and only 3 control 45% of the listenership.

Radio Africa Group’s management has signalled their intent to further grow this market control and put other stations under even more pressure in the new financial year by re-investing in the upgrade of all studios.

Management’s remarks on the matter reiterated their steadfast purpose:

We are focused on remaining market leaders in Nairobi. We have opened a Gikuyu station and plan to refresh the personalities. As radio is the core of our business, our strategy is to grow that dominance, hire the best talents and provide entertainment and news. Ours is a business linked to social media and the digital sphere.

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