Edith Kimani

I will not make my sentiments known here but I will say that this shouldnae really shock anyone.

Edith Kimani’s career has been on quite the upward trajectory ever since she emerged as the winner of KTN’s show The Presenter. She is intelligent and eloquent – all necessary ingredients for success as a woman and indeed a journalist. To top that, she is beautiful. The tri-factor.

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After KTN, she moved on to DWTV (Deutsche Welle) and though she was sad to bid her colleagues farewell, she was excited about the new challenges and experiences that were to be had as she charted her new path.

SHE WILL BE MISSED! Edith Kimani Relocates To Germany, FOR GOOD

She found love but also success, but it would seem not everyone is happy. Some Germans are upset that she was selected to host the Art show on DWTV. They would have been happier if the show were hosted by one of their own.

Check out what a section of the audience had to say:

Edith Kimani unveiled and bashed