We already know Jay Z is set to land in Uganda with his 40/40 franchise aye? If not then that is probably because you live under a rock -might I suggest that you relocate to an area with sufficient internet coverage so you can get all the exclusives as they break on Mpasho? If not then please check out this story:

Jay Z Skips Kenya, Opens A Club In Uganda

Well, it would seem that his latest acquisition will also be landing in Uganda in a huge way. For those of you who do not know, Jay Z acquired Armand de Brignac champagne brand for an as yet undisclosed amount from Sovereign Brands. The champagne, made in the town of Chigny-les-Roses, comes in a gold bottle embossed with a logo from a deck of cards (hence its nickname of Ace of Spades) and sells for about $300 each.

According to several reports, the move by Jay Z was a calculated backhand to the manager of Cristal champagne.

Jay Z recounts in his memoir, Decoded, how he would be drinking Cristal in clubs in 1994, when few of his contemporaries had heard of it. “It told people that we were elevating our game, not by throwing on a bigger chain, but by showing more refined, and even slightly obscure, taste,” he says. “We didn’t have a record deal yet, but back then we’d show up at clubs in Lexuses and buy bottles of Cristal, while most people in the clubs were buying Moët. It was symbolic of our whole game—it was the next shit.”

And at the start of another song, he even teaches listeners how to pronounce Cristal properly (the French way) if you’re feeling “grown and sexy.”

But things turned sour soon after when the manager of Cristal Frederic Rouzaud went on record and made the following remarks:

Frederic Rouzaud, the manager of the company that makes Cristal champagne, made an unsavory comment about his brand’s clientele.

“What can we do?” Rouzaud replied when a reporter from the Economist asked his thoughts about the popularity of Cristal among rappers. “We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Pérignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business.”

Jay Z called for a boycott of Cristal after the company made a comment about not liking the brand’s rapper clientele.

Jay Z, a major Cristal client who had given the brand shoutouts in songs, didn’t appreciate the comment.



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