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Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Mbuki Matete has exposed several gospel artistes in a series of savage posts that reveals their greed and non-christ-like behaviour.

“The industry is littered with a bunch of heathens looking to secure a bag💰 😏. All they gotta do is pretend they rock with the Jesus crew. Most Kenyan Gospel music is really just a club banger with the word Jesus or God mentioned a couple of times.

Heck, Kenya is the only place I’ve been where gospel music gets played in clubs with people twerking to it! Really.

It’s a thing.

Heck, I once saw a girl give a sexy lap dance to a dude in a club to a popular Kenyan gospel song WHILE singing it to him! 😂 So damn awkward… but it’s a thing.



I seemed to be the only one that found it weird too 🤷🏾‍♀️. Not to mention Kenyan gospel “Kesha” concerts are pretty much every Kenyan teen’s “rave experience” since parents won’t let them go to clubs.

Just smuggle in booze and get down to the beat all night and AAYEEE it’s a lituation 🙌🏾💃🏾🤦🏾‍♀️. Sorta a right of passage, if you will.”

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rachel mareteIn the series of posts, Rachel exposes three male artistes she has been in contact with that left a bad taste in her mouth. She started out exposing the first male artiste.

“When I lived in Kenya over 12 years ago, I was introduced to a popular gospel artist by some mutual friends at a chance meeting. Back then I was a doe- eyed innocent little 18 year old (there goes my age 😁) that had just won Miss Universe Kenya.

This particular artist took, what you may call a shining to me. Only thing is I wasn’t in the least bit interested. Like, AT ALL. He couldn’t believe it because, you see, this one is of the breed of gospel artistes that aren’t at all afraid to show off material wealth and what not.

I suppose I was meant to be taken by his celebrity and nice car or whatever😴. So what does he do? He proceeds to stalk me… HARD.

I was terrified of him. He honestly made my skin crawl. I couldn’t stand the thought, let alone the very sight, of him. Nonetheless, relentless was he.

Every changed phone number he would miraculously uncover and rain down incessant text and phone calls from different numbers, day and night, demanding I give him a chance. Now there’s admirable persistence and then there’s harassment and obsession.

All his “requests” always had a creepy “or else…” tone to them. Luckily, a year later, I got the chance to move to Miami. All of it was now behind me! Boy was I wrong…

You see, back then, in 2007, Facebook wasn’t a thing. It was just this weird boring site only used by college kids. The rest of us were rocking it out on MySpace (I still don’t get why it went away.

I mean, we could put background art and music on our profiles. It was awesome!😜). Anyway, I had my cute little MySpace profile cluttered with my bikini modeling pics (oh Miami😩) and a few thousand followers which meant a lot went down in the DMs. On one fated day, however, I check my DMs and there goes said gospel singer/ horrid stalker (!).

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rachel mareteIt turns out that he is coming to America and wants to meet up😟.

1. America is not Nairobi. You are going go to be in Arkansas or some far off country side state so it’s not like I can catch a 15 minute taxi ride and meet up with you at the mall.

2. Even if I could, HELL TO THE NAH I wouldn’t come meet your creepy behind anywhere! So I decided to do what I’d always done. Ignore and he will go away. After sending numerous DMs, they stop one day and I figure that’s that, he’s gone back, who cares, right?


This child of God decides to go back to Kenya and spread a rumor about me to as many people in the modeling and entertainment industry as possible.

“Rachel is living in Miami with a 90 year old white man and she wouldn’t stop cheating on him so he kicked her whore a** out and now she is homeless and suffering in Miami” 😊😂.

Very Godly, right?

I guess that’s what I got for having the nerve to turn him down. I guess I needed punishment! It was the perfect rumor too because people in Kenya love to stereotype all models and beauty queens as gold digging hoes so I guess that served me right. LOL.

I bet you could never tell what a stage 5 clingy, creep he is from his Good Lord worshipping music though.

Encouraging people to do good deeds and love thy neighbor and what not.

PS: this person is still one of Kenya’s biggest gospel artists. I’d say he’s like a 🤔🤔🤔 Kanye of Kenyan gospel?

You know, been around since the early 2000s, still releasing hits (only I don’t think his music is necessarily great), has an erroneously huge ego and and is always in the news for his eccentric, flamboyant ways. CRINGE! 😩”

Never heard from him after that though, so I guess he was pretty satisfied with his little revenge plot.

Until a couple of years ago, that is, when I was in Kenya and happened to meet someone he knew in common. He got my number from them and the calls started 🤦🏾‍♀️.

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rachel-marete-3He offered (read insisted) to have me flown from Mombasa to Nairobi in “one of” HIS choppers and generously offered me (read insisted) accommodation in one of his lavish mansions.

I could have it all to myself, he said. Just me and the servants 😂. He was to spare no expense. Same MO.

Try to impress with “stuff” that I highly doubt he owns. Where’s the Christian humility he sings about though?

Anyway, he wasn’t taking no for an answer until I told him that I knew about the rumor he spread all those years ago and I wasn’t interested upon which he quietly slithered away never to be heard of again.

No news on whether a new rumor was started this time 😂😂😂”

Rachel then went ahead to expose artiste number 2, a music producer who lied to her that he would record her on condition that he finance his life in Los Angeles for a week.

“Speak to almost any Kenyan in the diaspora and they’ll tell you that they learned the hardest way to stop going above and beyond to be hospitable to visiting Kenyans just cause they are Kenyan.

Especially Kenyan celebrities.

Anyone who’s ever DMed me saying they are Kenyan and in LA and would like to meet and hasn’t heard back from me can blame the several predecessors that came before them and proceeded to take my kindness for weakness and dumbness. LOL.

One such person was an esteemed Gospel and secular music producer. One of the best of the best that’s worked with everyone including the most notable secular artists. I didn’t know him when he reached out to me in 2012 via Facebook but when I googled him, it all checked out.

Now this “mheshimiwa” of the producing world in Kenya claims that he has seen my latest musical effort and would like to work with me on a song while he is here in LA.

I’m like sure! Hit me up when you get here. Homeboy arrives and gives me a call. Apparently he has no where to stay and can I host him?

Now I used to be naive, but never dumb enough to bring a perfect stranger into my home. I offer to look up some great hotels for him, but here’s the kicker… he can’t afford any and could I please sort him out? Mind blown 🤯.

Mind you, he has allotted himself a whole week in Los Angeles and I’m the unassuming good Samaritan that had no idea that

1. I was his host

2. I had to ante up money for the hotel. To make matters worse, I had lost my TV job and was jobless at that time for about 2 months so I’m depleting my savings by the day 😂 while also being a student.

Nonetheless, I decide to show this poor, esteemed, great mheshimiwa a decent time in LA.

I book him into a small modern hotel in Hollywood. Not motel, but Hotel. In pricy azz Hollywood and he was arriving on a Friday so prices are through the roof.

I drive to the airport & pick him up (remember I’m meeting this dude for the first time in my life).

Despite all the inconvenience, I’m determined to show him a great time out of respect and make no mention of it. So what happens?

We get to the hotel I booked him and low and behold. It isn’t good enough for his majesty Mr. Broke producer that I don’t even know! It’s a boutique hotel, you see, and he prefers bigger, more luxurious ones.

I decide to put my foot down as politely as possible. I tell him he can keep all the money I spent on this one and use it to upgrade himself to one of his choice, which to my surprise he does.

rachel marete

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Bear with me guys, I used to be really nice and a people pleaser to boot so yes. I was dumb to a lot of people.

Anyhoo, after he gets into his nice West Hollywood Hotel, he makes it clear he would like to see as much of LA as he can. Translation, I am to be his chauffeur. I really don’t want to be rude to this industry veteran so I try to oblige him as best I can during his stay here.

I make time in the evenings to show him around and make sure the concierge at the hotel takes good care of him.

I’m secretly seething and hating him by the second, though, because every time we go somewhere where there’s a bill; restaurants, entrances, you name it, he gets this aloof look whenever it’s payment time.

He’s not even decent enough to split the checks! Totally and shamelessly taking advantage my wanting to show him respect. Meanwhile,the nigga does nothing but BRAG.

“Here’s a pic of my Range Rover in Kenya. Here’s the mansion I’m building in Kitusuru, here’s my this, here’s my that, look at how state of the art my studio is in Nairobi, here are my awards… 🤯”.

All this bragging done over a dinner that my unemployed student azz is made to pay for. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️ .

I’m thinking, dude I might have to sell my car after you’re gone if I don’t get a new job stat to afford my student loans plus bills and here you are with your champagne taste on a beer budget sticking me with all the bills.

Mid way through I realize we haven’t even gotten around to the recording yet. Of course, since he’s doing ME such a huge favor, I’d have to cover the studio time 🙄😅. Last minute though, he comes up with a great idea.

Last minute though, he comes up with a great idea. Why don’t we go over to Guitar center and buy all the studio equipment then we can record in his room and save on costs?

Really nigga? Really?

I decide to play dumb on this one and go ahead knowing I’m not about to finance his new studio equipment.

rachel marete

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Over at Guitar Center in West Hollywood, he gleefully picks out the best quality (read most expensive) equipment that we’ll need (LMAO).

At this point I should mention that I had told him about my work situation hoping he’d have the decency to quit trying to make me pay for his over entitled advantage taking azz because my boyfriend had just about had it with me and this whole scenario.

I’d never financed anything for a man I love, let alone a strange man I can barely stand. Nevertheless, he had no qualms making me pay for everything so I was going to get him back at Guitar Center.

Once at the counter, the equipment comes out to almost $5,000. I then hit him with a “you go ahead and pay I’ll go bring the car upfront” and bolt out. He’s left standing there with an “oh sh*t” look on his face 😂😂.

Lo and behold he pays for the equipment 😡😡. So you do have money you cretin! Anyway, we record some mediocre, terrible song that day and I leave. I don’t care enough to stay and perfect it.

I’m quite sure it will never see the light of day, which it never did. As I’m fixing to leave, Mr. Gospel (who’s been in a sour mood all afternoon since Guitar Center) suddenly starts blasting one of his hits over the speakers.

Mr. Esteemed MARRIED Gospel man wants us to dance together. 😂😂.

At this point I’ve had it. I look him dead in the face and pretty much make it clear that I’d rather chop off my left boob with a blunt knife before I ever let him put one of his chubby, grabby little hands on me and storm out.

Well, I might not have said that exactly, but it’s certainly how I felt. Nonetheless, I was firm & stormed out.

I mean WTH?!

I don’t see him again for the rest of the trip but he does call to say goodbye and inform me that he was so happy he was able to take the equipment back to the store and get a refund (of course!).

A few months pass and no word on the finished product of the song we recorded so I decide to humor myself and reach out to see what the progress has been.

This dude has the nerve to write me a looong email telling me of how appalled he was at my poor hospitality. That I dared refuse to let him stay at my house as a guest and instead got him a less than five star hotel and I couldn’t even have the decency to buy him some “cheap equipment” as a gesture of good faith since me making a song with him would make me oh so much more famous 😂.

Apparently I was the worst Kenyan host he has ever had in the diaspora and he would make sure my music never makes it in Kenya. 😂.

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Rachel MareteHe also scoffed at how I wasn’t as rich as he thought I was and that he could buy my whole life with his wealth. Not the remotest bit of gratitude included. That’s what I get for trying my best to show respect to an industry vet. I can’t make this up. Welp!

Another bridge gleefully burned. Thank God I only sing for fun, 😝.

On another note, I also learned that if in my next life I come back as a short, chubby, unattractive Kenyan man with a pot belly, I should look into gospel music production so I can leverage that for freebies for life!

While I’m at it I’ll throw in some dreadlocks just to add an artistic edge🤷🏾‍♀️.

Praise the Lord!

When I heard about the Chipukeezy story with the Kenyan lady here in Hollywood I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I feel you sister. Kenyan celebrities and these so called “US tours” of theirs, SMH. Never again.

The diva attitude and entitlement of it all! I heard this other celeb dude touched down and asked his hosts where his bodyguards were, LOL!

Another commenter in one of the posts below says her aunt in the US hosted a gospel artist too and he would get drunk and grabby with her to her utter dismay. These are your gospel Christian role models though.

Lack of humility as a virtue seems to be a theme. But let them tell it, they rep Jesus all day.”

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