Sally Mbilu & Willis Raburu

In 2015, Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu broke the internet after he proposed to his girlfriend – who at the time was his colleague – Sally Mbilu.

Raburu bought a ring worth Ksh 100,000 which he slid down Sally’s finger as a sign of engagement and just to keep off Team Mafisi. We were eagerly waiting for their wedding but along the way, things happened and they called off their relationship.

Can you imagine how Raburu would look in a nice three piece suit on his wedding day as he dances to the Ohangla tunes?

Have Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu And Sally Mbilu Broken Up? Here’s The Naked Truth

Well, the two seem to have moved on with life and it’s not clear whether any of them is dating. Just as Raburu who is currently doing well, Sally Mbilu seems to be okay and has been spending more time beautifying herself.

She has transformed into a gorgeous woman. She doesn’t look like the Sally Mbilu we knew back when she was dating Raburu.

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Even Raburu can’t resist her! Ladies and gentlemen, here are stunning photos of Willis Raburu’s ex-lover Sally Mbilu, kula kwa macho