Rabbit a.k.a Kaka Sungura is by far one of the more talented Kenyan artists around. His style of rapping is more poetic than lyrical which to me is reminiscent of the likes of Common and Tupac. The rapper who has been dropping hot tracks ever since he made his debut in the entertainment scene has been rather silent after dropping to tracks a few months ago.

But never one to announce his moves and flow, preferring to ebb in silence, Rabbit has been hob knobbing withe Wycleff Jean and now it would seemĀ  that he has been doing his Hollywood tip. The rapper who was blessed with two daughters earlier this year -one by Sage and the other by his fiance was chilling with Jimmy Darmody.

Who? Well, Edison “Jimmy” Darmody is a fictional character played by Michael Pitt on the HBO drama series Boardwalk Empire:


Rabbit Boardwalk Empire Moment