In just 14 days, over 5000 copies of The Legend of Kaka album have been sold. Well, in Kenya that can be referred to as platinum.  The record breaking numbers are from selling online via and physical copies.  The 18 track album was launched on 27th March 2015 at The Louis Leaky Auditorium.

King Kaka becomes the first artist in Kenya to achieve record high sales in the first few days following the release of the album.

This goes to show that Kenyan fans are yearning for more Kenyan content and are willing to pay for it rather than pirate.

“I feel like I am part of a revolution and I am happy about that. The fact that it is happening, is a good thing. Kenyans asked for good music and we are giving it to them. Continue buying the album,” said King Kaka.

The Legend of Kaka is his fourth album and one of his most iconic works to date.  This album has subtle changes to his sound that only his true fans will be able to identify with.  Initially, the album had 25 songs but King Kaka had to narrow it down to 18 tracks.