A recent documentary came out called Surviving R. Kelly that claimed to shed some light on R. Kelly’s criminal sexual behaviour towards women whom he would allegedly kidnap and turn into sex slaves -and that is before we address the rumoured paedophilia.

R.-Kelly and Aaliyah
R.-Kelly and Aaliyah

The producers of the docu-series interviewed a dozen individuals (some off whom claimed to have been unlawfully detained by R. Kelly) abut the allegations against R. Kelly. The rumours stem from his relationship with the late Aaliyah who was rumoured to have wed the RnB crooner.

This docuseries spawned the hashtag #MuteRKelly and several artists have even chimed in on what is happening with R. Kelly and others still have refused to comment on the matter.

On his part, R. Kelly has threatened to sue the network that aired the docu-series and the producers who crafted it. All I can say on the matter is that right or wrong, I can understand why he has sued: he was literally demonized.
I do not know what happened but aye, the allegations against him are damning.

One would be forgiven for thinking that with all this mounting distaste for R. Kelly his career would be over -especially seeing as we live in the age of “cancel culture”. You would be wrong.

He recently held a concert in his hometown of Chicago and women bought out the tickets and were heard cheering him on and screaming for him to kidnap them. And I do not mean that in a heckling way.

Aye, they have all gone H.A.M in their support of him and you can watch a snippet of that below: