Quincy Timberlake’s former wife Rose Mueni is appealing to Kenyans of goodwill to help enrol her lastborn son Cassidy Timberlake to secondary school.

Cassidy, who scored 379 marks, was supposed to join Chania Boys High school Thika, but his mother has not been able to raise the money needed for his admission.

Speaking to Word Is yesterday, Mueni said Cassidy’s fees amount to Sh53,554 per year, with Sh38,298 being necessary for Form One admission. So far, she has gotten Sh800.

“I have not been in communication with his dad and his family. I am currently on a casual job, which is around Sh400 per day,” Mueni said.

Timberlake left his first wife Mueni in 2011 and married former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga, and afterwards the two moved to Australia.

Since then, the controversial preacher ceased financing Mueni and their three sons.

“Challenges are many, including balancing on how to put food on the table and not having a permanent job where you secure your income,” Mueni said.

“The emotional part of it is that you cannot provide for your children, in as much as I want the best for them. I want to see them in a good school because they are bright students but I’m unable.”

Well-wishers can reach Rose Mueni on her mobile number 0710 355846.

“It is a humble request and any person who will be in support of this, God bless them so much,” she said

Mueni timberlake

Quincy Timberlake was arrested and charged with the murder of his son, Sinclair, in 2014. Timberlake was accused of killing the three-year-old child by punching him in the stomach.

Mueni says she has taught her children to forgive their father, although he has not been in their lives for nine years.

“They have always been asking me about their dad over the years, but I try to encourage them to forgive him because he might have realised that he messed up,” she said

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