Joseph Hellon

Quincy Timberlake and his wife Esther Arunga grabbed headlines back in 2010 after they publicly came out as husband and wife.

The couple later mover to Australia but in June 2014, things started changing for the worse. They lost their kid Sinclair and lied about his death.

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Esther’s parents didn’t support the relationship.

Esther Arunga
Esther Arunga with her child

On Monday Esther confessed that her husband Quincy killed their son Sinclair and she risks being jailed for 25 years in jail.

Well, pastor-cum-musician Joseph Hellon of Finger of God church, who was close to the couple has spoken out on the problems facing the couple.

Speaking during an interview with NTV he said,

We had a bigger problem getting ourselves out of incarceration, paying bills, getting lawyers and arguing cases. So I decided to focus mostly on legal matters.

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Hellon JosephThe stylish artiste went ahead to reveal the most shocking thing any Kenyan would want to hear.

As soon as we were done with the legal matters  I decided to investigate Quincy myself and I found out that he was a conman. His career was to con people. He was an expert in cracking into people’s websites – in simple terms a cyber-criminal.

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According to Hellon, Quincy introduced himself as Mr Moneybags and a God-fearing man to the former TV beauty.

Quincy came with a promise of big money, big media position in those countries he purported to have had contacts with. He also came with some dollars and looked like a rich guy and Esther liked anyone who was rich and somewhat she was attracted to a bad boy.

Timberlake’s mother Rosemeg Wambita spoke to NTV from her home and she said,

Arunga didn’t come to my son to make a happy home. She came because of wealth and now maybe she’s not seeing the wealth is coming the way she thought.

Quincy is currently in a mental facility in Australia.

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