Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake

Joseph Hellon, the head of Finger Of God church which is now Kingdom embassy international says that Quincy Timberlake admitted to him that he was using witchcraft.

“When a woman is loved by a man, there is no one who can bring reason there. He (Quincy Timberlake) told me himself that he had been PRACTICING witchcraft, but he never stopped. Yes, alimkorogea madawa”

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe on Friday, Hellon who is the co-founder of the placenta party said he changed his church’s name after cult accusations.

“Finger Of God is another name for the holy spirit. The covenant of Moses was written by the finger of God, the church of God is the church of the holy spirit.”

“People started saying that our church is a devil-worshipping church because of Quincy Timberlake who joined us in 2010 and had habits like being a conman. He came to our church and said he wanted to change and be a good person. Before we knew him, we had been arrested and put behind bars as investigations were going on. The case was later thrown out for lack of evidence.”

But how did Hellon and Quincy meet?

“He was my neighbour in upcountry in Migori country, when we in primary school, he was my deskmate. One day he called me and asked whether we can see each other after seeing me on TV, we met and we started doing music together.” He said

Hellon who doubles up as a jazz artiste then narrated how Quincy and Arunga met and fell in love;

“He saw Esther and he started loving her. Esther is my cousin and she had been living at our home from January 2009 but we fell out in 2008 January because of ministry things.In 2009, Esther came to our place to stay with us, we were living together when she was working at KTN.”

Before chasing Quincy out of his church, Hellon says he sat his cousin down asking her to leave him.

“I told Esther that this man is a conman, he likes witchcraft and a liar. I chased Quincy and recorded a statement, Esther told me If I chased Quincy, she would also go.”

Even after falling out with Arunga, Hellon says he is still a good friend to Arunga’s family.

“Her mother is my friend, we speak a lot. This controversy is part of my calling and is good for business. These two go together as long as you are not using it to rob people.”

He and Esther last spoke in December 2010. In the next five to ten years, hellon is looking forward to being the president of Kenya.