Former Harambee Stars international McDonald Mariga was on Monday announced as the Jubilee Party candidate for the Kibra by-election.

During his unveiling at the party’s headquarters, National Elections Board chairman Andrew Musangi described Mariga as a man of impeccable character and credentials who has had “enduring connections with the people of Kibra”.

Mariga was at the party’s headquarters on Monday for vetting by the National Elections Board.

Areas of testing included knowledge of party policies, ability to finance campaigns, understanding of parliamentary work and his vision for Kibra.

The National Election Board also tested the candidates’ alignment with the party’s manifesto and ability to deliver its mandate.

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The six board members tallied the scores out of 100 marks each with Mariga scoring 500 marks to emerge the winner.

Hussein Ramadhan Abdi came in second scoring 371 marks while Peter Morris Kinyanjui was third with 367 marks.

Musangi gave Mariga 80 marks, Aden Noor Ali gave him 92 marks, Leah Ntimama (88 marks), Samuel Kobia (72 marks), Michael Waweru (75 marks) and Carolyne Kamende (93 marks).

A total of 16 people expressed interest in the Jubilee ticket.


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Below are the questions that Mariga and 16 other candidates were asked during the interview.


  1. Are you a registered voter and where? (5 marks)
  2. Why did you join Jubilee party? (2 marks)
  3. Do you know what is in the Jubilee manifesto, Name at least 3? (15 marks )
  4. Have you ever voted? (3 marks)
  5. How much have you paid for nomination fees? (5 marks )
  6. Have you set up your campaign team /if yes name your campaign finance committee? ( 10 marks)
  7. How much have you set aside? (15marks)
  8. If you do not have your financial resources, Give proof of commitments and amounts? (5marks)
  9. Have you ever vie before yes /no? (5 marks)
  10. If yes which party /year? (5 marks )
  11. How many votes did you get? (5 marks)
  12. Have you been nominated /appointed to a public office? (3 marks)
  13. If yes which position and how long did you serve? (2 marks)
  14. How aware are you with the responsibilities of the office you are vying for? (10marks)
  15. What impact do you think you will make in five years? (10 marks ).

Mariga will battle it out with candidates from ODM, ANC, and Ford Kenya during the by-election on November 7.

The former Kenyan international made history as the first Kenyan footballer to play and win the UEFA Champions League finals, for Internazionale on 16 March 2010.

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ODM is set to conduct its party nominations on Saturday after postponing it over lack of security for the function as they were focused on the census.

ANC announced Eliud Owalo as its candidate

The campaign period for the by-election will run from September 9 to November 4.

The Kibra seat fell vacant after the death of Ken Okoth on July 26 after a battle with cancer.