Monica Kimani
Was her murder a ritual murder?

The Monicah Kimani murder case has gripped the nation and it has made many of us rethink the many preconceptions about it.

Like what? Uh…Many things.

This is because the murder has ensnared TV personality Jacque Maribe. She and her fiance Joe Irungu are the prime suspects in the murder and have been charged for it.

They took their pleas today with both pleading “Not guilty”.

There are many details that have come out of the sordid mess that is Monicah’s death. Some have been conclusively answered but others still make the casual observer scratch their heads.

This article looks at some of those issues.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

They are:

The murder weapon?

This has still not been answered. A knife that was in Jacque Maribe’s house is being tested by forensics to collect evidence. The police are still mum about what weapon they suspect was used to slit Monicah’s throat.

Monica Kimani

What is the weapon and where could it be?

Who was the second man with Joe Irungu on that night?

On the night of the murder, police claim that a second unidentified man was with Joe. The detectives claim that CCTV cameras showed that he was in the company of another person as he drove from Kilimani to Lang’ata.

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie
Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

The police according to the Nairobian even went to Mombasa following the trail of the man who is said to have gone to a witch doctor to cleanse himself. Who is he and what was his part to play in the murder?

The motive for the murder?

As of yet, there have been several theories with some saying that the murderer(s) wanted money that Monicah was in possession of. This can be postulated considering that Joe (the prime suspect) is alleged to have a worn a Kanzu and was bearing an I.D that wasn’t his. All showing premeditation.

Joe Irungu
Joe Irungu

Others see a crime of passion, a lovers quarrel to be precise. One reason for this theory might be the hasty and comical nature of how the suspect(s) might have tried to bury/manipulate the evidence.

Jacquey Maribe's fiance Joe Irungu
Di he shoot himself to confuse police?

Which is it? We still don’t know as the family claim that Joe and Monicah only knew each other online and that they were not romantically involved.

Who are the prominent people demanded that Joe Irungu be released after he was held by cops?

Sources who did not want to be named told the Nairobian that some prominent Kenyans went to agitate for the release of Joe after police first held him as a person of interest. Who are these people?

Joe Irungu is said to be well-connected in political circles

According to the Nation the detectives are also pursuing four people, including a politician and a doctor, whose advice Mr. Irungu allegedly sought on an “issue that was disturbing him.”

What did Jacque know?

Was Jacque a co-conspirator or was she a victim of circumstance who acted foolishly in love? In essence, how deep does her involvement go in this whole nasty affair?

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court

We might never find all the answers to these questions but one thing is for sure, we will learn a lot more as the trial progresses.

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