Queen Darleen during her wedding day

Diamond Platnumz’ sister, Queen Darleen has warned women against sending her husband nudes given that she has access to his DM.

Darleen who married her husband Isihaka Mtori in December 2019, said she doesn’t mind her husband marrying two more wives. However

“When I started posting my husband on social media, people started DMing him. So my advice is, if you have to inbox him, please stop sending nude photos.

I go through his DM and I reply them. They are so stubborn but if he wants he can marry even four wives.”she told the press.

Queen Darleen and her husband

Dareleen had come to defend herself for getting married as a second wife stating. 

“He is a Muslim man, even if I would have been married as a fourth wife, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

We have agreed, so there is no problem. I knew he had a wife,” she said.

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Darleen’s dad Mr Abdul had also come out to defend her stating that marriage is not a walk in the park

‘You know marriage is a very difficult thing. I am happy for her and people should be too.

I never though she would be married because of her music but here she is.

She is just fine. I am wondering why people are making noise about her being married as a second wife.

In Islam, there is nothing like one wife. A man can have as many as four.’

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