Most people are currently working at home due to coronavirus pandemic. For most it’s a good time to study their partners.

Below are some of the things Kenyans have learnt about their better halves during quarantine.

cheppl7: That he likes 8 rounds but av been getting 2 so who’s been getting the other 6?

carolinebuzzard: Hapendi kuoga.

joan_maima: I miss him too much coz he lives on Ngong road and i on Thika road. Havent seen him him for the last 10 days though due to quarantine.

I have in the last few days found myself blaming him for me missing him which means I got feelings for him.

Boyfriend soon to be husband. Great guy he is.

ominaek: Kumbe ni yeye iye huwa haflash choo.

mercy5833 : Wuuuii bado sijamuelewa.

kabiwajesus : That she is a comedian. He is very active & loving , but those days akifika amechoka those were the excuse, Mara job ya nje , waah hii quarantine imetusaidia sana.

francistisoo: She’s always amazing . Imagine she’s the one who has paid rent for this month

munabiconstancia: Ananioshea watoi… Amepanga closet..neatly.

shaniij: Mine av realized is a handy man….anatengeneza everything in the house…no need to call the fundi.

nzisa_wa_wanza: Kumbe napendwa .

So what is the one thing you have learnt about your bae?

Especially if you are both quarantined in the same house?