Tanzanian businesswoman, Jacqueline Wolper who is an ex-lover to Harmonize have said she is ready to find love again.

According to the damsel, there are some qualities one has to meet to fit the bill of her dream bae.

These are

  • A man who is not rich.
  • They should be hardworking and not choosy when taking up odd jobs.
  • A God-fearing person and not a drug abuser.
  • He should not be a celebrity.
  • Neat and not anyone’s baby daddy (we all know the dramas baby daddies bring along)
  • 30 years and above of age.

Like many of us, Wolper feels 2020 is the year for her to settle down.

It is now my time, 2020 and 2021 to have a child.

However, what is delaying me is finding the right man.”

She was quick to point out that she feels the pain single mothers go through.

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Adding that everybody deserves a chance to love and be loved.

”Nothing pains me as much as seeing single mothers who have now become so many.

No one should lie to you because nothing is as precious as the love of a mother and a father to a child as well as respect.

My dream is to have at least 4 children from the same man.

I am having a tough time because I am a person who is easily irritated and one who holds on to grudges.”

In conclusion, she said she is not ready to deal with boys.

‘I am therefore not in the business of dealing with an immature man or a family man. No! What I need is a responsible man to be the father to my kids.’

If you meet all the qualities slide into her DM.