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Most men have a side chic or have entertained the thought at some point. The question is, what does a man look for when choosing a side chic?

While previous research has found that ‘slimmer’ women were desirable, modern men are now attracted to a curvier physique when it comes to selecting their affair partner.

Below are the qualities men look for in a clande.

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Long hair

This quality has increased in importance too, as well as ‘beautiful eyes’, taller ladies and ‘petite’ women.

Sense of humour

Most men love a funny woman’ who can tickle their fancy and laugh at even the driest of jokes.

No man wants a woman who makes them feel like ako NYS training camp.


 Truth be told every man loves a woman who is kind.

Men are majorly attached to their mothers. and kindness comes in handy as they can’t tolerate having their mum being disrespected.

was also considered an important attribute and more than 50 per cent said they considered an adventurous spirit important.

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Ever hard a man having an old side chick? No this is because the younger the woman the crazier the [email protected] escapades.

And that is something men crave for.


Every man wants a woman they can count on whether for moral support or just for company.


Men are visual beings and hence the need for romance even when it comes to dressing while in the bedroom.

No man wants to come to a woman dressed in ‘Seng’eng’e ni ngombe‘ t-shirts from Monday to Sunday.


The last quality is intelligence. Every man wants a woman they can have a conversation with.

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