Stephen Mumbo
The late with his wife

Last week PWC assistant manager Stephen Mumbo took his own life. He sadly jumped out of the 17th floor of the Delta Office Towers where his offices were located.

And many have wondered why he might have killed himself. More of this in the article below:

Is this the sad reason behind PWC manager Stephen Mumbo’s suicide?

But what happened on that fateful day? According to Colleagues and family who spoke to the Nairobian, we can piece together his last moments. On October 12, he had said goodbye to his wife and adopted daughter at around 05:40 a.m. The couple had adopted the baby girl 34 months earlier.

When he reached the office parking lot he waved at the security guards and swiped his office key card around 06:15 a.m.  He went to his 12th-floor office were 4 colleagues were already there.

Delta Towers
Delta Towers

He then checked through a proposal he was to present to a client who had been suspended from the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The company had been placed under his administration. His work was to analyse its books and documents before making recommendations on how best to get on the rails.

He was going to hand over his recommendations to his bosses that day. According to the Nairobian, Mumbo called his division head at 07:40 a.m asking for a meeting room for his clients were coming at 09:00 a.m. He was given one on the 17th floor.

He then left his suit jacket draped on his seat and then carried his laptop the five floors up. Delta Towers does not have any CCTV cameras on the wooden panelled corridors so no one knows if anyone joined him.

But he did reach the conference room called Kilimanjaro 2 meeting room which accommodates 150 people when in a classroom setting.

Stephen Mumbo
The scene of his death

The report he was working on was still on his laptop and his lunchbox was still at his desk. In this room, he climbed over the waist-high wall and stepped out of the window ledge and jumped. Sadly we will never know what happened on those 5 floors between the 12th and 17th floors of Delta Towers.

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