Stephen Mumbo

Stephen Mumbo, PWC manager died last week after falling from the 17th floor of Delta Towers that are located in Westlands.

Stephen was a trained civil engineer who had risen through the ranks at PWC to become an assistant manager, executory and forensic investigations at the company. The firm is one of Kenya’s leading professional services firms in audit advisory and tax services.

But last week the man who many of his colleagues considered as a man of few words said his last with his fateful jump from the highrise building.

Delta Towers
Delta Towers

On the day of his death according to sources who spoke to the Nairobian, Mumbo left his office at 1:30 a.m and returned by 6:30 a.m. Meaning that he had been at home for less than 5 hours if you account for travel time.

A close family friend said:

He never slept that night. He kept on tossing and turning.

The family friend described Stephen as:

He wasn’t the type to say no. He was always very well groomed but always tired.

This was a trend that people close to him had noticed as the manager had experienced work-related burnout thrice in 2 years!

According to the Nairobian, in October 2016, he had had a breakdown that resulted in him being away from the office for a month. As if that was n’t bad enough a colleague recalls Mumbo falling asleep in the middle of a presentation with a client.

Stephen Mumbo
The deceased

Another colleague of the late Mumbo explained the hectic work culture at the firm and said:

He was totally burned out but he was instructed to sleep for 45 minutes and then resume the presentation. Deadlines have to be met and bonuses have to be earned. If you can’t handle the pressure, quit. 

Stephen Mumbo
The late with his wife

Is this what Stephen did when jumped off the 17th floor? Only he knows. When contacted for comment by the Nairobian, George Weru, Mumbo’s immediate boss said:

No, no, no, I would not wish to say anything about the issue. The boss Mr. Ngahu issued a press statement…

Stephen Mumbo
The scene of his death

Another colleague summarized the work culture that might have driven MUmbo to his wit’s end as a:

ruthless work culture where many employees eat at their desks.

Sadly, we will never know why Mumbo decided to kill himself.

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