Mariga and Eko Dydda

Gospel singer Eko Dydda has been bashed online after endorsing McDonald Mariga for Kibra’s parliamentary seat race.

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The Niko na Reason hitmaker shared a video of Mariga wishing Harambee Stars all the best in AFCON and captioned it,

I think voting for Mariga would be the best thing juu watu Kama hawa hatuwapeagi kura then tunabaki kuzusha oooh gava hai support talents , but we are the ones who vote in people with no zeal about the youth with talents or the potential in young people. Afadhali kujaribu then tuone kazi

This didn’t go well with a section of Kibra residents who came out guns blazing.

They did not mince their words when telling him off.

They weren’t happy with Eko Dydda endorsing Jubilee candidate Mariga in an ODM stronghold.

The late Ken Okoth’s brother Imran is running on an ODM ticket.

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Check out the savage comments from Kibra residents on Eko Dydda’s post.

selector_jevado Etoo ako na football academy Laikipia, Baloteli ako nayo malindi, Van Persie kisumu, Mariga ata a single project ya kusaidia youths hapa nai hakuna yy mwenyewe hajui Kibra iko aje or what their needs

jnrgowi We have an artiste in parliament Na bado ulipewa 2500 Na mcsk…. So unadai tuendelee Na experiment??

mcoluochrobert Stick to music siasa achia wanasiasa,Kenya is doing all it can to remove youths from gambling and the best the so called Mariga could do is to be brand ambassador of BETIN…what a confused generation.

brayano.k Jicho pevu guy , Jaguar lmao were supposed to be the kind of young revolutionary leaders you are talking about , what are they doing now to “support talents” and what will prevent a retired relatively failed footballer used to a decent salary who now needs to maintain his lifestyle from turning out like all the greedy incompetent old leaders Kenya has. There is a reason Wanyama isn’t running around the country campaigning because he has found success and satisfaction in his career.

honourable_dacosta Mtu kukuwa na talent ya kitu haimaanishi anaweza kuwa a good leader , , this guy has no quality of leadership I think

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