Eric Omondi

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has come under fire after posting a video playing with boys from Tukana in their birthdaysuit.

Bhangi gani hizi? Eric Omondi goes totally naked showing off his goodies (Video)

Eric Omondi, who is known for his creative funny jokes and skits, this time went a notch higher to show off what he hides beneath clothes barely a month after exposing his family jewels. But this one has backfired on him spectacularly.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi in Turjkana

The celebrated comedian has become the subject of discussion on social media and even some of his tribesmen have disowned him for embarrassing them, but others are supporting him.

Check out the mixed reactions

Betty Opondo: Thank God Eric omondi is not my boyfriend/ lover eeeish!!!!! I can’t stand that crap!!!!!! ………Well it’s his business

Duke of Nyanzshire: On behalf of Luo community we hereby DISOWN Eric Omondi. We can’t hold our goods with one hand and it perfectly hides. Huyu mamake alimtoa central or wherever. Return back to sender

Kenya West: The only thing wrong with that Eric Omondi’s video is that it ended up online. Otherwise, for those from those sides nothing shocking, that’s how we bath, the childhood bath sessions in lake/rivers were epic. Even now I still do that when home. It’s normal thing there.

Dikembe: People totally ignorant of #LuoAnthropology castigating Eric Omondi. I’m here to defend a brother and a culture we long lost. The Luo is a naked person. We are nudists and it is sad we lost this to so-called ‘modernization’.

Nkaate: I don’t see anything wrong with Eric Omondi’s video. Such episodes happen in upcountry daily. Those complaining must’ve been born in Nairobi and found Nairobi River stinky as raw sewer. Tembea Kenya!


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi

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Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi

COFEK and Ezekiel Mutua the CEO of Kenya Classification Film Board (KCFB) also weighed in on the Eric Omondi nudity video.

COFEK: THE VIDEO in which comedian Eric Omondi is totally nude and playing with naked children in water is a tragedy. He has crossed the red line of indecent exposure and must be arrested, and put under medical test to ascertain whether it’s deliberate or if he is unwell #RipoffKenya

“The video by Eric Omondi nude and with naked kids should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It’s an illegal, bizarre and obscene comedy that violates the rights of children. It’s an offense to film children this way for money. This is obvious exploitation of children for money. There can be no justifiable context to warrant this indecent exposure and abuse of children’s rights. This video is not only in violation of the KFCB classification guidelines and the spirit of Cap 222, it’s also in breach of the Children’s Act. The parents of these minors should sue Eric Omondi for the gross abuse and indecent exposure of their kids. We will pursue all legal means to stop this sort of moral bankruptcy and gross violation of the rights of children. This video is the evidence that some of our so called celebrities are vain and are obsessed with sexualisation of content at the expense of decency. Using children this way in the name of comedy is wrong. How sad that anyone looks up to this clown for a role model,” read Mutua’s post.

Eric was forced to swallow the humble pie and apologize to Kenyans. Below is what he wrote on social media.

“I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have errored… Today was one of those days. I have offended so many. I did not in any way intend to offend anyone…I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR THAT… 🙇‍♂️”

We hope Kenyans will accept his apology.

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