The radio airwaves in 2016 were ruled by the solid thumpy sounds of Bank Otuch, Pesa Otasssssss. The song won over many hearts.

The talent that presented the song to us was Octopizzo and Luo Dollar.

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Here is presenting the brain and wordsmith behind the well penned song, Bank Otuch.

According to Luo Dollar, the songwriting was a collaborative effort with his grandfather, Mr Obiero Pindwa.

Luo Dollar And Grandpa

“He co-wrote my songs, Ndesna Bwoyo, Pesa, Bank Otuch, Bank Otuch remix, Simbe Adek and my latest Asante Sana. When Bank Otuch Remix was only one day old, my grandpa told me the song is going to be big not only in Kenya. He is so amazing he gives me reason to wake up every morning ready for hustle. Meet my grandpa Obiero Pindwa,” Luo Dollar revealed in a Social Media Post.

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He added, “I called him this morning and he didn’t say hallo instead he received my call and said, ‘#ISEMEO’ translation, You are already #wealthy and we burst into laughter over the phone, I couldn’t stop tears of joy rolling down my chin, we talk and talk and talk.

this man inspires me alot, i didnt have quality time with my dad but my grandpa is a god to me, every interview they ask me who inspire my kind of music and lyrics, answer is my grandpa OBIERO PINDWA, the source of wise luo proverbs and lyrics you listen in my songs,he is part and parcel of my unreleased studio albums and and he is helping me write my new songs coming up in 2017,  I’m in good hands and God is with us. Expect more timeless music from me.

Luo Dollar And Grandpa

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