Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has lashed out at those who claim she is busy selling her vajayjay.

The controversial socialite has been in the US for more than three months has denied that she sells her body.

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Through her Snapchat, Huddah Monroe said that the pudesh business in America doesn’t pay well because there are many beautiful women there.

I wish vajayjay as much as people assume coz I wouldn’t be hustling so f**king hard I’d just be laying there. Getting f**ed and getting money. Vajayjay doesn’t pay especially not in America too many beautiful girls who are extremely cheap. If a man gives you Sh100k in cash here is a nightmare! There’s money here in business not in selling vajayjay.

Vajayjay can only take you so far! Looks fade. The brain doesn’t…You can downplay my hard work all you want to make yourself look good. I’m still not revealing all my businesses to the public.

Some of the reactions include;

leddy_nadia Sex business is the most earning business according to Survey, especially in the US. She just needs to know where, what, why and how…But that’s her opinion. And opinions are not facts…

sheila.msh Alijuaje all this information?

Huddah owns a lipstick brand as well as other beauty products, which is popular in East Africa.

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 Huddah Monroe

Just a week ago, Huddah called Kamene Goro a peasant, who claimed she sells pudesh for a living.

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