Kenyan celebrities are so funny. They will do anything just to get attention. Be it pulling publicity stunts or doing anything that will catch the eyes of their fans; they are good at it and that’s why most of them can easily be cast in those dramatic Nollywood movies, ohhhh. Former Calif Records artiste Siso has left tongues wagging after she took to social media claiming that his days on earth are numbered. He claims he might go back to his maker very soon.

Siso who is bedridden in a hospital bed, seems to be sinking into oblivion. His health is dwindling. To win the hearts of Kenyans or rather stay relevant in the competitive music industry, he decided to call upon Kenyans to download his new song. He also requested the media to play it as much as they can because he thinks that might be a way of saying goodbye to his fans.

Siso Kenya

Really? Instead of asking for prayers you are busy wishing for death. Why would one do such in the name of marketing their own songs? Dear Kenyan artiste, kama music imekataa please wachana nayo! Let us not do stupid things trying to please the world. You can as well try something else. many have termed this, a publicity stunt. Anyhow, let us hope the Lord will add Siso many years to revive his music career.