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Being a celebrity in Kenya may come with some ups and downs. It gets worse when two celebrities decide to become an item.

The online-in-laws will always want to be in the know and these couples have not been any different.

  1. Zaheer Jhanda and Amber Ray

Faith Makau alias Amber Ray is a Kenyan socialite who was married to popular politician Zaheer as a second wife.

The two are said to have started as an affair before they went public. Zaheer’s first wife Aaliyah who is a mother of four agreed to have Amber Ray as a co-wife.

Amber Ray then converted to Islam in order for her to fill in the second wife position.

She would later succumb to the pressure from her family and friends and fans at large when being confronted on agreeing to be a second wife. She quit the marriage.

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She further went ahead and offered a public apology to her son and family for all the insults they received as a result of her decisions and vowed never to be anyone’s second wife.

Amber with Zaheer
Amber with Zaheer

2. Khaligraph Jones and Miss Cashy

Award-winning rapper Brian Omollo also known by his stage name as Khaligraph Jones caused a stir on social media when his ex-girlfriend Cashy Kirimi (Miss Cashy) announced their breakup.

The couple became popular after they did a song together titled Micasa Sucasa.

Cashy vs Khaligraph

The overwhelming response from fans confirmed that they sounded good together. The two broke up while Cashy was pregnant and both of them chose not to speak about the father of her child.

Khaligraph on the other hand moved on with his baby mama Georgina Muteti, the recently welcomed a baby girl.

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3. Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

Comedian Eric Omondi and his popular Italian girlfriend Chantal also made headlines when they decided to make official their break up.

While other celebrities choose to throw tantrums at each other after a breakup, these two handled their break up ‘maturely’.

Chantal was on a tourist visa and so she would have not been allowed to work in Kenya hence her decision to go back to Italy to her family.

The couple had dated for four and a half years and the two called the relationship off while on good terms wishing each other the best.

Eric Omondi

4. Pendo and Joseph Kner

Popular singer and actress Stacey Brown a.k.a Pendo and Kner from Norway were in a rather short-lived relationship.

Their relationship has gathered a lot of publicity because they two literally nose-dived into the relationship and went right into an engagement.

Pendo claims they broke up over baby mama drama while the ex-fiancee says the whole relationship was staged from day one.

As far as the public is concerned the two do not want any association together.

Pendo and Joseph Kner

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5. Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

Jacob Obunga alias Otile Brown and popular socialite Vera Sidika broke the news to the public that they had broken up.

Vera took it to Instagram and posted a photo and captioned their relationship status for the online in-laws.

Otile accused Vera of cheating on him and terminating his pregnancy while Vera accused Otile of using her to get to the next level in his career.

The two have since moved on with different baes.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

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