Ahmed Issack

Former IEBC Chair Ahmed Issack is a happy parent.

His daughter is among the top candidates who scored over 400 marks in 2019’s KCPE.

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Ahmed shared a photo with his daughter and congratulated her for passing with flying colors.

Ahmed Issack
Former IEBC chair Ahmed Issack with his daughter

She scored 403 out of the possible 500 marks.

ZEITUN AHMED ISSACK INDEX: 20404011024 ENG 92A KIS 76A- KSL = = MAT 83A SCI 77A- SSR 80A TOTAL 408 KNEC HELPLINE 0800724900.
MASHAALLAH PRAISE THE THE LORD HIS GRACE- I am a proud father tonight . My daughter Zeitun passed her kcpe exams with flying colors ( 5 As).Proud of her,’ Ahmed Issack tweeted.

Kenyans have joined the former IEBC chair in celebrating her daughter’s achivements and their comments include;

Kabando wa Kabando Congratulations Zeitun. Allah be with you. Cheers.

Joyce Lay Congratulations Zeitun

Ahmed Mohammed Congratulations to the little one.

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Abu Muhammad May Allah keep the little one away from the Evil eye .How many were academic giants but ended up wasting their life on dunya and forgot about akhira.May Allah keep her firm on the deen .

Dekow Abdulahi All praises is to Allah Almighty. Chairman keep the girl moving we want her to be doctor in future to help muslim ummah and our brothers in humanity No human is limited