Billnass is a Tanzanian rapper who recently proposed to singer Nandy.

The two had been dating for months before they broke up.

Nandy later got into a relationship with a media mogul Ruge Mutahaba who unfortunately passed away.

Rumour had it that she had been proposed to before he died.

Last year, Nandy and her then ex-lover Billnass rekindled their love. This year, the rapper went down on one knee and proposed.

In an interview with a Tanzanian Vlog, Billnass said that it wasn’t a stunt.

I know her as Faustina and not Nandy. No. This is not a publicity stunt

He narrated about the proposal.

I proposed to her on live TV and there was no one apart from the production crew. She was singing at an empty studio. I always knew she wanted a surprise proposal. I had studied her.


I’d say we were brought together by the collabo we did called Buganda because we’d also go for the media tour together but when we were recording the song, we were not together. I was in a relationship with someone else.

We’ve been back together for like seven months.

I started looking for a ring last year Because I wanted to propose on her birthday

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Nandy being proposed to by Billnass