Prophetess Monica
Prophetess Monica

Prophetess Monica gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Wisdom yesterday. The news was well received and celebrated.

Prophetess Monica in hospital
Prophetess Monica in hospital after giving birth

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Prophetess Monica gives birth to bouncing baby boy called Wisdom

The remarkable thing about the mother of two is her journey after her first marriage ended in 2007. The woman of God revealed that she had then decided to stay pure and abstained from all s3xual activity until she got married.

Prophetess Monica
Prophetess Monica posing

She told the Nairobian at a prior interview:

We are all humans and not holy. Though I have been tempted, I’ve never fallen and have never been involved with a man, besides the occasional date. I’ve been fasting a lot and avoiding certain foods.

She has since been with a man as is evidenced with her giving birth this week(duh!). But what is interesting about her story is how rare that happens in the liberal day and age we live in.

The happy couple
Prophetess Monica with her husband

My question is whether anyone could stay celibate for 11 years in this day and age? Me, I could. Promise I can. But this is not about me, it is about you the reader, could you? Vote in the poll below: