Shepherd Bushiri
Shepherd Bushiri. photo credit: file

Prophet Bushiri is known for his charismatic brand of religion. He is known for selling the “blood of Jesus” to his congregants and he is also known for using “miracle money”.

A while back, the Botswanan government threw Prophet Bushiri out of the country.

Bushiri who is known as ‘Major 1’ to his congregants gets a lot of gifts in form of money from them. He is loaded.

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He bought his daughter, Israella, an expensive ride to celebrate her turning five years old.

The Prophet, later, took it to Facebook to celebrate her daughter’s coming of age.

He wrote: “A man should never neglect his family for business. This is the reason why I always take time out with my family and show them love. Their happiness defines my success. Celebrating the birth of our daughter, Israella Bushiri! It seems like just yesterday when her little palms held my forefinger. It seems like only a while ago when I celebrated that finally I could lift her up and allow her to rest on my shoulders.”

Shepherd BushiriNow, Bushiri is showing off his wife, Mary Bushiri, and trashing his ex, a slay queen that was not spiritually approved.

“When I was beginning my ministry, somewhere in the city of Mzuzu in Malawi, there was a woman whom I thought God wanted me to marry. I prayed, fasted and interceded for days, but I never got any response from God regarding what I thought came from Him. I did not tire. I still prayed unceasingly only to learn that the lady was already engaged to a certain man for years and their wedding was on the corner. Broken hearted, I asked myself: Is that the reason why God couldn’t answer my prayers? Few months later, God showed me a beauty, a woman of valour whom, today, I can’t help to appreciate the wonderful wife she is. I thank God for that unanswered prayer. One that would have resulted in great disappointment. You, too, have so many unanswered prayers. Don’t be shaken. Be still, wait on God, God’s denial is simply a cause for redirection to something bigger and better.

Prophet Bushiri and wife Mary

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His congregants joined in the conversation and gave their thoughts on the matter of getting a husband and wife material.

Bushiri Son: I am praying for your children today! No matter what they are going through, how old they are, stand on the Word of God and pray His promises for their life! They will be saved, walk in purpose and serve God well! Say “Amen”

Calvin Allos: Oooh yeeees Papa, it’s like you are talking to me, there is this woman I thought I will marry and I am glad that God did not answer my prayer there… I am still waiting for the right woman.

Gudani Muthabi: oh yes Major.. i agree with you sometimes we feel we have what God wants us to have but God has another plans for us.. i believe God will always find ways to direct us to the right path even if we seem confused and lost I pray that may your God direct me too.. Amen..

Khess Boui: Oooh I get it now Papa… the way God was silent on my prayers i thot he hates me so much or i have done anything wrong against him that he is soo angry at me…..

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Nashi Jay: Ooh yes, thanks for the powerful motivating teaching papa. Thank you Jesus for unanswered prayers for I know the best is yet to come and I believe in your God that I will be very happy more than my imagination for what was meant for me.

Patricia Munyai: Oh yes papa.i agree with you.iys like you are talking to me about that.i will wait upon the Lord I know something very big it’s coming on my way.i receive my own husband in Jesus mighty name.

Andy Hotest Andy: Amen my teacher, I’m still waiting in Jerusalem for my future husband nd many more things but i know with you by my side God will give me more than i ask. Bc you are my Hero, my Oracle my father. Papa i can’t and i won’t stop telling you I LOVE YOU bcz you showed me a lot.

Liyah Baruchi: My God I love this woman she inspires me too much to be a good woman in all areas of my life just can’t wait for the day I will have a word with her and from her#daddyYesthankGod4that unAnsweredPrayer#

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