Pastor Victor Kanyari has spoken out about his ex-wife’s damning posts abut their come-we-stay marriage.

“In my past relationship, I made mistakes from day 1, followed by more than 1000 more mistakes. Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man three weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna, unlike the expectation of many, nilienda come we stay sorry I mean come we fight.

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Betty Bayo regrets come-we-stay marriage to Prophet Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari explained that it is okay to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t work.

“People get into depression because of a breakup. You should not. Remember, you have had other breakups before where you dumped someone, so when you get dumped take it at your own stride.”


“If she was not your destiny, there is no need to grovel and beg for her to come back. If she decides to stay, well and good. If she decides to leave, and move on, so be it. Move on and look for someone else who makes you happy and ensure you support your children.”

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Kanyari explained that one should “also give that lady a chance to move on if she meets Jesus that is also well and good. Don’t kill anyone or beat anyone because they want to leave, there are many other people out there you can hook up with.”

The pastor noted,

“Anaye kupenda mpende, asiye kupenda wachana na yeye. I saw Harmonize’s song where he sung about it.”

The song Pastor Kanyari was talking about was released in May 2020, in it Harmoze sings,

“Siku hizi kupendwa pendwa imepitwa an muda, yaani akikupa kula akizusazusa mwingine atakuja…”

If you haven’t watched it, check it out below.

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