Vera Sidika

Being one of the hottest and most beautiful, Vera Sidika has become an idol to a number of fans despite the enormous amount of effort everyone knows she put into changing her skin color. 

Vera Sidika Shows Off Kenya’s Most Expensive Cribs Whose Owner She KNOWS Personally (PHOTOS)

However, aside from her looks, Vera Sidika has also taken a step into the fashion world promoting different brands and building her businesses.

She is definitely the independent type that has gotten her fans trying to follow in her footsteps.

Vera Sidika has kept up her appearance and is undeniably one of the hottest fashionistas in East Africa.

She has definitely set the trend as she has been spotted wearing the most body flattering outfits Kenya has seen with fans referring to her as the African Kim Kadashian.
Vera Sidika’s image is neither easy or cheap to maintain as she puts in extra effort to keep her body in shape by doing lots of exercise.

Pesa Ni Sabuni Ya Roho! Check Out Some Jaw Dropping Photos Of Vera Sidika Before She Bleached

Check out pictures of the beautiful Vera Sidika.