Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo just turned 31.

He has achieved a lot in his life at such a young age. He joined the media industry as a business reporter at KTN as he was still trying to finish school at Daystar University struggling to clear school fees.

Larry Madowo

God saw him through the struggles and gave him the opportunity to move to NTV where he built his brand by making The Trend what it became. A show that he picked from James Smart and made it more about the youth.

That became his brand.

Then he picked up a political show where he did nothing but grill politicians. The same show where he chased Miguna off the set and vowed to never have him on his show. And true to his word, Miguna Miguna never came to Larry’s show.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri
Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

Something happened to NTV because most if not all the Anchors left. Larry started the moving trend and moved to London after he secured a job at BBC.

On his 31st birthday this July, he came home to celebrate his birthday with friends and family. Larry’s friends surprised him with a private dinner and from the pictures online, he looked like he had a good time.

The dinner was attended by many familiar faces in the media including Ciru Muriuki and Trevor Ombija.

The party seemed to have been extended. During the World Cup finals that people have not stopped talking about, Larry, Linus, Butita among others were watching it together.

Birthday traditions are always lazima uoshwe. So as per the tradition, Larry Madowo had to be washed. Linus Kaikai was ready and willing to be an active participant in that.

Washing someone on their birthday was actually a sign of baptism. It was to signify one being born again but people have misused the tradition and it has become something fun to do.

Big money spender! Larry Madowo throws private dinner to celebrate birthday

Why is this a big deal? Okay, so in case you did not know, Linus Kaikai was the executive producer at NTV before the mass exit to Citizen. So basically he was Larry Madowo’s boss.

As it is, we know the one person other than your father and your wife you fear is your boss. But not Larry. He has a friendship with his former boss.

Larry Madowo

Bosses are the guys we exclude from a WhatsApp group and give them nicknames to make gossiping easier. Well, Larry defies that norm. He is actually Linus Kaikai’s friends.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video:

Proof Larry Madowo and Linus Kaikai are more than colleagues

Proof Larry Madowo and Linus Kaikai are more than colleagues

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