Rachel Mbuki Matete

Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Matete Mbuki is up in arms with claims that she had plastic surgery.

Rachel has decided to address them ASAP and kill the nasty rumours on their tracks.

“The truth about my body is finally out. Before and after pictures included. Decided to tell it all. After, I address the bleaching cr*p in part two. That actually annoys the heck out of me,” Rachel said.

Rachel Mbuki MateteShe continued, “They pick an old picture taken in 2005 in bad lighting and swear I’ve bleached and conveniently ignore all others. Meanwhile, they can clearly see on that same google they use that I’ve got plenty of pictures of myself online since that same 2005 but that wouldn’t serve their purpose to be objective.

“I’ll say it from my mouth so they can move on and look for new material. I mean there are plenty of stupid rumors out there about me that I don’t care to address but I felt it was time to address these two.”

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Tanzanian socialite Chagga Empress who is one of Prezzo’s ex, chimed in telling Rachel:

“Why are you answering these lame clowns doll? Your money, your body your choice. Let them talk please don’t let miserable people pull you down, let them go ask 1st lady of America and not you. In addition if they had$$$$$$ trust me wange go through it wacha waongee hating girls aren’t happy. Live your life beautiful.”

Rachel responded to Chagga saying,

“That’s true doll but I just felt like addressing it. I think I’ve been in a weird sharing mood lately. Now they have to look for something else to talk about 💁🏾‍♀️. Besides, I’m sure it will help those who truly are interested in finding out more about it. The haters would do it in a heart beat. Heck a couple of women I know that are amongst my biggest gossip and rumor sources have told me in person how much they would love to get plastic surgery or etc they just can’t afford it. Oh well. 💁🏾‍♀️”

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Rachel MareteHere are more reactions to Rachel’s denial that she had any surgical enhancements on her barbie doll shaped body.

Here is Rachel’s explanation on how she maintains such a lean and enviable body.

“Well my fiancé is a fitness freak too but unfortunately it remains a daily struggle for me. I’m doing good for now though. Hopefully it stays that way forever. And yes, those are genes,” Rachel said.

Adding, “No matter what our haters say they can’t take away our achievements from us or erase our histories and rewrite them to suit their narrative. It’s sad they keep trying.”

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Also read her explanations in the notes below…

Here is a before and after photo of Rachel before the Liposuction and after.

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