Willy Paul
Gospel artiste Willy Paul survived the attack

The Dusit Inn terrorist attack has been in the news cycle the past day and rightly so. The attack has caught up many foreigners and Kenyans including some famous entertainers and media personalities.

Riverside attack
A security officer runs near a fire outside Dusit Hotel after an attack yesterday. Photo/Enos Teche

They are below:

Willy Paul

The musician wrote that he was in a meeting close to the complex when he heard gunshots and explosions. The singer wrote on his Instagram page:

Today, I’ve seen how much God loves me!! He’s given me another chance to live. I hope everyone survived the attack at dusit.. I’ve never come across such a thing in my life!!! People have been injured and some have lost their lives!!…

Willy Paul

Boni Khalwale’s daughter

The legislator confirmed that his daughter Zinzi had been caught up in the attack via his Twitter account.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale

He wrote:

Am on the scene of the terrorist attack in Chiromo. My daughter is trapped in the building under attack!

Zinzi Khalwale
Zinzi Khalwale

Zinzi is lucky as she was rescued later on.

Musalia Mudavadi’s son

Musalia Mudavadi is another politician whose children were caught up in the assault.

Musalia Mudavadi
Musalia Mudavadi

He wrote on his Twitter page:

I’m deeply shocked & saddened by the cowardly terror attack. As my prayers go out to the casualties & their families, I commend the security forces for their swift & coordinated action. My son was among those rescued and we are grateful to all who called expressing their concern.

The Mudavadi Family

NTV reporter Silas Apollo

The reporter had gone for an interview at CRA. Unfortunately for him, the terror attack started while he was in the complex. He wrote:

They have been combing the building and shooting aimlessly. It’s too scary to imagine. I’m inside the building, which is under attack. It’s real guys. Had gone to interview CRA guys, I’m too scared for my life.

Silas Apollo
Silas Apollo: Courtesy/Twitter

He added on a WhatsApp group he is in:

It’s silent now, though we can hear somebody trying to break the doors. We don’t know where the attackers are and what they are up to.

The reporter summed up the general atmosphere of the hotel when he wrote:

We are crammed inside the toilet with a number of guys. I’m very scared.

Silas was thankfully rescued 12 hours later.

And for all the victims and casualties caught in the terrorist madness, we here at Mpasho.co.ke, pray for them.

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