Professor Hamo is one man who has developed a huge fan base after he was introduced to us by Churchill on his weekly show.

For a long time, Professor Hamo has had a strong desire to be the greatest performer, but he didn’t know which area between poetry, music or comedy he would focus on. It took me four years to muster the courage to go for another audition.

It was a series of auditions and he had to travel from Nairobi to Nakuru (where he lived) every week. Though it came to a point he could not afford to travel because he was so broke. Coincidentally, that is when the Churchill Show started travelling around the country scouting for talent.

The crew came to Nakuru and he got an opportunity to audition. They were surprised that I used to travel from Nakuru to Nairobi for auditions. He was given three minutes on stage and the rest, as he says, is history.

Having gone through all those struggles, he has a testimony. Professor Hamo whose real name Herman Kago is now the new co-host of Jeff Koinange on HOT 96.

Chambo, musinivunjie nyumba! Jemutai denies that Professor Hamo is her baby daddy

He announced this is a funny video which he posted on his social media page.

Here is video evidence:

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Niko hapa Koinange street

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