Janet Otieno

Gospel singer Janet Otieno has released a new single dubbed ‘Nitangoja’. The singer who has been one of the top stars who release well-budgeted music videos, has stepped it up and this time round, she shot the video inside a private jet

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Otieno said

“Sometimes, we hurry things in life and feel like things are delaying and that God is taking time. The song is talking about God’s time, that He will do in his own time.”


‘Yes, it is a private jet,’ she said when asked about the video

I actually went for a business meeting in South Africa. I had already planned for the video and I did both at the same time.

I finished my meeting in SA and when I was coming back, we shot the video inside the jet and landed at Wilson airport. Other shots were taken at the airport

so yes, I hired a private jet

I usually do good music videos and I don’t compromise the quality. I give it my best in terms of time and money. This one cost a lot and the video itself tells.

Janet Otieno

Otieno revealed that the video cost her millions to accomplish

I don’t like it being seeing as bragging or showing off but it cost a pretty penny. It was a lot of money because hiring a private jet is not a joke and even getting to shoot at the airport is also not a joke

Yes, Its in millions

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As the year almost comes to an end, she promises her fans more music

I will be releasing more music videos because I believe people that support our music have missed us. I will try to give out more music.

Check out the video;