A prison warden is being held at Bomet police station for questioning over the death of his 23-year old lover.

The warden who serves at Bomet prison was arrested following allegations that he had quarrelled with the deceased before he hit her with a blunt object.

According to Bomet Central police Chief Musa Omar, the two have been in a relationship and that lately, their neighbours at Kamukunji estate have witnessed quarrels that have often led to vicious fights.

Omar said they indulged in alcohol and would fight in a drunken stupor, a trend, he said to have gone on unreported till yesterday when the murder occurred.

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The 28-year-old officer, whose identity is yet to be been revealed, is said to have hit the woman with an unidentified object on the head.

“Our officers who were responding to a distress call found the woman lying unconscious in a pool of blood,” Omar said.

Medics at the Longisa Referral Hospital declared the victim dead on arrival and her body was moved to the facility’s morgue.

Meanwhile, the suspect is likely to be charged in court on Wednesday after the close of investigations.

KNA by Kipngeno Korir