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The false prophet of the end times is described in Revelation 13:11-15. He is also referred to as the “second beast” (Revelation 16:13, 19:20, 20:10).

Together with the Antichrist and Satan, who empowers both of them, the false prophet is the third party in the unholy trinity.

Whoever the false prophet turns out to be, the final world deception and apostasy will be great, and the whole world will be caught up in it.

The deceivers and false teachers we see today are the forerunners of the Antichrist and the false prophet, and we must not be deceived by them.

These false teachers abound, and they are moving us toward a final satanic kingdom. We must faithfully proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and rescue the souls of men and women from the coming disaster. (At least according to

Well, the end times seem to be here and from the current happenings, one can tell so. From false prophets mushrooming from every corner of the world to performing fake miracles and conning believers, Jesus should come back.

In Africa, we have several preachers both real and fake who come up with new churches daily deceiving believers that they are indeed God sent but who are we to judge? Only God can.

Despite the fact that we at times criticise these churches and the owners, there are just some of the churches with funny or rather crazy names.

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From Helicopter of God to Laboratory of God Church, here are the African churches with the funniest names.

  1. Helicopter of God

2. Finger of God

3. Milk and Honey

4. Fire Ministries

5. Laboratory of God Church

African Church 40


African Church 39


African Churches 8889


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African Church 33


African Church 44


African Church 80


African Church 90


African Church77


African Church 404

14. Dini ya Msambwa

15. Siku za Mwisho Prayer Ministries

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African Church 449


African Church 444


African Church 442


African Church 417


African Church 486


African Church 4489


African Church 100