Media personality Caroline Mutoko is not one to mince her words. If she has something to say, she will definitely say it. Don’t expect any apologies from her when she articulates her opinion. Utangoja uchoke.

Caroline Mutoko has aired her thoughts on various issues and this time round she is raising the issue of the diminishing role of the boy child in society. It is like no attention is being paid to the boy child and as a result, the neglect is showing in various sectors where they are expected to perform at their peak but are not.

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What pains Caroline more than anything is men who have taken to social media to attack her. They claim she should be on the fore front of fighting for the boy child the same way she passionately does for the girl child.

Caroline wrote on her social media,

“Very few things vex me as much as a man getting on my TL, whining, asking ME to focus on the boys. I lack everything it takes to do anything significant in that space. I’ve checked dude! I don’t have the apparatus or the blueprint on how to be a man. YOU do – so get on with it!”


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She shot a video articulating her disapproval at online people asking her to save the boy child. In it she said,

“I wonder whether the cretins who want to call me out for not supporting the boy child, whether they understand how emasculating it is for a young boy to see an man ask a young woman to do a man’s job. I don’t know how to do a man, I don’t know how to deal. I have never been one.”

Watch the entire blast session below;

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