Zari Diamond

An Instagram user identified as Altar Maangel has fired shots at Diamond Platnumz and his entire Wasafai WCB crew; Rayvanny, Lavalava, Queen Darleen and Mbosso.

Alter was commenting on a video of Zari and her daughter Princess Tiffah talking about the activities they do in school.

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He commented on the video with the meanest comment, saying Tiffah was more intelligent than her father Diamond and all artistes signed under him.

Tiffah’s IQ is higher than that of 7 WCB males put together,’ he posted.

Zari couldn’t hide her laughter and her response read,

@altarmaangel 😂😂😂😂 yooooooo.


Responding to another fan who questioned why she was laughing, Zari said

friend, even in a funeral when you have a coffin in the middle of the tent someone will crack a joke and people will burst out laughing. So why can’t I laugh to such a joke? If you lack a sense of humor go borrow some. This is social media darling.



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The five-year-old fluency in the Queens’ language has left many mesmerized and reactions include;

chullu2019 Mashallah Allah Akulindie inshallah ❤️❤️🙏

suleimanmaziku tumia ata kiswahili kuzungumza nae hujui damu ya tz hiyo!!

officialshilole Anty tifaaaaaaaaa akeeee umeniacha njia panda mie

benathegirl Tiffa is so beautiful, she really looks like her mother in everything, even the eye rolling thing, Kacute katiafaa Dangote

mauryaronie Nice l love you Tiffah

aishasiku 😂😂😂😂Tiffah hujawai niacha salama na drama zako 😍😍😍

cry.stalbubble I can’t deal her drama is too extreme she’s so adorable 😍😍

decorty_pinky 😂😂she’s so funny

iamdaddy4daddy Very Perfect 👌👌

amalbotanicals She’s so gorgeous 👑

officialpdm Mungu amtunze atimize ndoto yake

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