Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna of the famous JCC city church have become like a chewing gum in the mouths of many. This power couple has been trending for all the wrong reasons over the past few years.

Kenyan Women Are Not Yet Done With The Kiunas, Here Is What They Had To Say About Vanessa Kiuna

The Kiuna’s have been accused severally of masquerading as men of God and conning their gullible followers in the name of God. Reverend Kathy has become a darling to her flock who refer to her as mum and her husband as Dad but if I may ask, why would a grown up, educated and refined person put all his/her trust in a rogue pastor?

Anyway, that’s none of my business; I don’t go to such churches. I would rather visit a children’s home than attend such churches. Well, for the Kiuna’s to stop trending for the negative reasons, Mpasho fans think they should do the following

Ouch! Kenyan Women Viciously Attack Reverend Kathy Kiuna Over Her “Expensive” Weaves