If anything happens to me just know it’s@prezzo254who’s behind it.. from threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that he even took my phone cz I told him our relationship won’t work! I left with nothing that has his name on it and we’ve been separated for months now so PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE AND MOVE ON!All this for what??I have moved on with my life kindly do the same.
I suggest you get to a wellness center and get help!Try yoga or something dude!Stop stalking me and stop lying to the media.You pushed me to the edge and if you don’t stop I’m gonna go ahead and take legal actions cz I’m scared of my safety! I got receipts so don’t try me!
#For those trying to reach me kindly email me cz I’m off social media till everything cools down.

That is the rather chilling message Michelle Yola posted on her social media account.

She is alleging that Prezzo has been threatening her because she decided to move on with her life and is currently dating another man. We have tried reaching out to both Prezzo and Michele Yola about this to no avail. We will however keep at it.