I love Prezzo. He is what Kenya has been missing; a real honest to goodness celebrity.

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Prezzo Clobbered By Michelle Yola, Rushed to Nairobi Hospital!

After weeks of being in the dog house in as far as Michelle Yola, his sexy lass is concerned, he has now finally fixed things and they are officially an item again. How do we know this you ask? Well, he did one of those Instagram live thingies while they were still basking in after-coital-glory.

And so now we know that his penis, whether big or small is indeed what she needed all along -she was acting up because she probably is simply loathe to share it. But back to the matter at hand, Prezzo answered questions from his fans as Michelle Yola lay in bed. She later stood up too walk away wearing booty shorts and I must say, she really is a fine specimen of the female form.

MOTO KAMA PASI! Prezzo Talks About SCREWING Huddah Monroe, Claims History Will REPEAT Itself (AUDIO)

Check out the post-coital video below: