Prezzo is back in the limelight so you know something is about to go down. Perhaps we are going to treated to a song? Whatever the case may be, Prezzo is back!

Don’t Mess With The President. Prezzo At The Shooting Range (Photo)

And when he isn’t shooting at inanimate objects, he can be found with his lady love, canoodling and making goo-goo eyes at her. Perhaps this was simply an intermission to some wombolombo sumtin or perhaps this was the prelude?

Also, where can a young handsome brother such as myself get that sweater he is wearing? It really is a fantastic cardigan. Whatever the case may be, he really has a certain look in his eye that most men only wear when they have some sort of hanky panky planned. Think not, check out the picture and find out for yourself:

prezzo and bae