Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has a favourite barber he visits once in a while to cut his hair into perfection.

The commander in chief was spotted in Westlands early this week with his convoy.

On Monday afternoon, he made his way to The Signature Barbershop on Waiyaki Way where he got the VIP treatment.

His hair was cut, head massaged and styled in a manner befitting his presidential form.

A source who spoke exclusively to Mpasho.co.ke said, “The president would sometimes request the barber to go to his residence for the haircut but on rare occasions, he will visit the barbershop for a cut.”

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Adding, “But of course an advance security team is sent to the barbershop for recce then later he shows up once the area is cleared by his security.”

Asked how much the president pays, our source only outlined that “The normal charge for anyone who wants a haircut is Ksh 500. It includes a cut and head massage. As for the VIPs, the price is negotiable.”

Adding that “in most cases, if there is any payment to be made, the Commander-In-Chief doesn’t physically pay the barber, but rather his people pay the receptionist/cashier.”

We found out about the haircut when a photo leaked online. In it, Uhuru was seated in the barber’s chair having his hair trimmed. The man cutting the presidents’ hair is Julius Ngugutu.

Check out the photo below.

When we reached out to him for comment, he declined to respond to our queries instead saying, “Those details are confidential. Many media houses have reached out to me for a story but I always turn them down.”

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Here are photos of Julius, the man who is in charge of the president’s look.

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