Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that Tanzania would be a good place for his second born son Muhoho to try his luck in marriage.

Hata kijana yangu nitamwambia akuje atembee tembee huku labda ataweza bahatika hata yeye

The President made the comments when he addressed Tanzania citizens at his host Pombe Magufuli’s home village of Chato.

Uhuru while bidding his counterpart John Magufuli goodbye after a private visit, said that  that will allow the two countries to strengthen its bond.

Uhuru traveled to Tanzania of Friday, where he visited Magufuli’s ailing mother before he addressed the gathering.

“Nimefurahi sana kwa vile mumetupokea kwa roho safi. Nasi tumefurahi kuwa nanyi (We are grateful for your reception and we are happy to have been with you),” Uhuru said.

He added, “Tutaendelea sasa kutembea tembea kwa hii dunia yenu tuone vile kuna kaa najua ni samaki samaki ndio name hata mimi nikiambia ndungu yangu aje huko Ichweri ili mama atuandalie githeri tule”.

On his part, Magufuli said he had been deeply touched with Uhuru’s visit and gifted him four peacocks which he said would be delivered to Kenya soon.

He joked that from the minute Uhuru set his foot at his house, he had been admiring the peacocks which seemed to have also liked him.”President Uhuru is very special to me.

He has visited me, visited my father’s grave and that of my brothers and prayed for my mother.

The way my mother was holding his hand I can tell you she likes him very much,” he said.

Magufuli added, “Because of the good friendship I have with him and Kenya, I have been touched, I will give out four of these Peacocks which will be delivered to Nairobi”.

He, however, said when the birds multiply, Uhuru should return the four.

“I have never donated them because they have a historical background but today I feel joy in my heart that it is only prudent to bless the person behind the joy,” he said.

Earlier Uhuru in his address had cautioned politicians against making statements that would breed to regional animosity.

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He said his administration will not allow politicians to sow seeds of division among East Africans.