President Uhuru Kenyatta’s adopted son has admitted that he had a puff-puff-pass moment when he was in his first year of college.

David Owira is currently in college. He became an instant and viral sensation after winning the hearts of many, including President Uhuru’s.

This was after presenting a narrative titled Otonglo Time during the 2013 annual Kenya Schools, Colleges and Universities Drama Festivals winners concert at State House, Mombasa.

David Owira
David Owira

The narrative ending with David saying,

“Mr President, tweet me yawa!”

Five years later, David is in university.

He says: “I am taking my academics seriously to better my future and those of others.”

David Owira
David Owira all grown up

Asked how much money he has made ever since he hit the headline and was thrust into the lime light, Davis said:

“Not much. I’m not sleeping hungry, I’m able to pay my bills.”

Speaking of his gigs with a supermarket chain and a telecommunications company, the actor added:

“Well, I’m concentrating on my studies, but the money I made was put to good use.”

However, he would love to make another cameo on poplar comedy show, Inspekta Mwala, if he was to be given a chance.

During an interview with Nairobian, David was asked if he has ever smoked weed. His response was as candid as one can imagine.

“I gave in to peer pressure while in first year. I did smoke weed, but it made me feel useless. Luckily, God intervened and I stopped. That was a sad period in my life.”

If you love the creative types, David has detailed the kinda woman he would like to get with.

“She must be God-fearing, honest, humble and intelligent. The list is endless. Well, no man or woman is perfect, so whoever the Lord gives me, I’ll appreciate and love her.”


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