President Uhuru Kenyatta’s has a rockstar cousin called Tom Morello.

He is the guitarist of a group called Rage Against the Machine. However, the popular rock band is no more.

Speaking to hardDrive Radio host Lou Brutus,Tom confirmed the news.

“There’s no news on the Rage Against the Machine front,” Morello said when asked about the act’s possible return amongst today’s political climate.

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“You’re absolutely right that the times demand people standing up. And that’s what I’m doing with my stuff, what Prophets is doing, what hopefully all your viewers and listeners are doing with their own time. Don’t wait around for Rage Against the Machine, form your own band and get it done.”

Tom is known for speaking out against political injustice, as a social activist, he was recently appointed as the ACLU’s “Smart Justice” ambassador.

Back in 2013, his controversial tweet about Uhuru got tongues wagging.

Check it out below.

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