President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta is known for his penchant for the fine things in life.

From wearing expensive designer suits to rocking watches worth your governor’s salary for a couple of months, Uhuru’s lifestyle always blows our minds.

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On Sunday, he was spotted wearing brown Taft Men’s Outback boots.

Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta wearing Men’s Outback Boots.

According to the Taft clothing website, the outback boot is the most comfortable boot they’ve ever produced. It is a cap-toed Chelsea boot on a soft, comfortable crepe sole.


Men's Outback Boots.
Men’s Outback Boots.

A pair goes for $250, which is equivalent to Sh25,000.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Many have termed the shoes cheap, especially to someone of President Uhuru’s calibre.

Check out the reactions from Kenyans

Kung’u ka Wambui: In my opinion, thats cheap of him. I dont earn a salary but i have pairs more expensive.

Wilson Odiyo Those shoes are dope

Hidaya Kipusa Hidaya The prezo of Kenya is a good dresser anajua boot poa, 😘

Maggie Margrate Those types of shoes are many where I live, they are like uniform they cost between 7000 thousands to 13000 kenya shillings..

Tony Naich Kamwana rocks Chelsea boots, ntataftana nazo pia mimi I feel presidential 😅

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Eddy: He’s the @president, I mean, do you expect him kuvaa kiatu ya Rwabe? Please spare us and look into more important things than shoes!!

Lusui: Ni ukweli 😂😂😂za uhuru zikienda sana ni elfu kumi🤣

Kennedy Daniel: Not that expensive bearing in mind what he earns.

Anne Kanana Genuine Chelsea Boots…pays your whole year rent😀
wachana na hizi chinku tunanunua huku Emirates za 4k!

Joshua Kim Baboo They ain’t expensive!

Sophie Adan Suede Chelsea boots ni ya akina David Cameron

Celestine Mayende Hizi ziko juu my friend…zile zinakaa tu za ma thugz boss..

Morris Mutugi Only stylish men understand the value of this boot

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